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Production Process

The production process is divided into several phases.

1) The first step is the prototype object. The prototype or “model” is made in-house following a drawing or a photo or a 3D file.

2) Once the model is obtained proceeds, we realize a mold of silicone rubber that will allow the production of the shape in polyester filled by resin. Subsequently the resin is washed away and polished up in order to eliminate all the impurities.

3) At this stage the resin is ready to be coated in silver with electro- formed galvanic procedure. The galvanizing process is done through the following steps: sanding, degreasing , metallization , and finally silver plating.

4) Therefore we proceed with a hand-made refinement by high qualified staff performing various finishes : aging , glazing , burnishing and painting antioxidant protection to the object.

5) The product that comes out of all these processes is to be considered in all aspects handcrafted.

Custom designed productions

The pictures of the gallery are dedicated to our “special products” realised by our customers demand.

Requests of “customization” of an object are more and more recurring and this kind of production is constantly growing during the last few years.

A customer who chooses ArtBe is looking for an unique, original production.

He will perfectly meet his needs. The starting point is “the idea”. Materialised at the beginning as a rough sketch, a picture or a 3D graphic design.

The second step is checking the feasibility with the customer. Together We study the object and the possible change in order to have a perfect handcraft.

The last step is making the prototype object: as the request of the customer the object goes ahead with the creation process through 3D printing or a sculptor working.

If the customer already has a prototype is possible pass through the last step: the realisation of the model starting the production in series.

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